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XX Award

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Shortwave Cinema
Wednesday November 23rd, 19:30




still from ‘Nocturn’

Nocturn (2010), 15.46 – Leanne Welham
Jody has insomnia. Almost every night she leaves her sleeping husband and young child and walks the lonely streets of suburbia. But one night, she decides to mix things up.

Symphony in Cellulite (2011), 17.51 – Caroline Milsom
An encounter with writer, poet and performer Isley Lynn as we play witness and deconstruct her work as a life model.

I Luv Matt Johnson (2010), 14.00 – Jon Garbett
17 year old Zoe succeeds in juggling her GCSE re-takes, supermarket job and commitments to her friends – until those closest betray her.

the artist and the plumber (2011), 07.18 – Carmen Valerio
Gemma, an artist making sculpture from her plumbing equipment, muses on the nature of work, creativity and freedom.

Myra (2011), 13.45 – Dan Smyth
The lyrical memoirs of Britain’s most reviled woman.

Running time: 67.60


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