Month: December 2013

That’s right, we want to hear from you! We want to know what you think about Underwire, what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wro...

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Bear Trap

Ceara McEvoy for production design on ‘Bear Trap’ When the endearing, quirky Alice meets the shy Ayden, they spend an enchanting night together, b...

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Winner: Under 25 Award 2013


Shannon Tarbet for ‘Woodland’ Woodland explores a recovery after trauma. A teenage girl relives and then creates a fantasy around a terrible memor...

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Winner: Actor Award 2013


Cathy Brady for ‘Morning’ A distraught  woman doesnʼt want to be disturbed, but the front doorbell keeps ringing and the caller wonʼt leave un...

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Winner: XX Award 2013

Stay the Same

Fraya Thomsen for ‘Stay the Same’ Recorded every day for a year at exactly the same place and same time, this experimental film-poem documents...

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Winner: Composer Award 2013

Spine (web)

Angela Feeney for ‘Spine’ Spine casts a fresh perspective on what it means to come-of-age and be a man, in modern-day England, whilst eloquent...

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Winner: Editor Award 2013


Moira Buffini for ‘Father’ Father is about family, desperation and loss of innocence. Donal, a fallen priest, is on  the run and out of options w...

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Winner: Writer Award 2013


Emily Blickem for ‘Grace’ Nine-year-old Grace, lives a latch-key life. Running the bleakest of errands for her drug addicted Dad. She seeks solace...

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Winner: Producer Award 2013

The Trip

Prano Bailey-Bond for ‘The Trip’ This short film tells the true story of Hung, a Vietnamese teenage boy trafficked abroad on the promise of a job ...

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Winner: Director Award 2013