Month: December 2012

Emma Dove for ‘On Another Note’ Sarah Kenchington has always been musical, but could never access music in a conventional way… From ...

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Winner: XX Award 2012


Prano Bailey-Bond for ‘Unravel’ Unravel follows the Western worlds least wanted clothes, on a journey across Northern India, from sea to i...

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Winner: Editor Award 2012


Susan Stenger for ‘Glitter and Storm’ Water, sunlight, breathing and skin – this sensory documentary is a submersion into the joy of sea...

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Winner: Composer Award 2012


Rebecca Watkin for ‘Fifty’. ‘Fifty’ is a gritty depiction of life in inner city Birmingham and the way in which events can spiral out ...

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Winner: Producer Award 2012


Isla Ure for ‘Passengers’ Two people get on the same packed bus everyday…yet find themselves totally alone. Both long to fill the vo...

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Winner: Actor Award 2012


Julia Pott for ‘Belly’ Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgment. In doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving s...

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WINNER: Directing Award 2012