Month: July 2011

At last! UnderWire 2011 is now open for submissions. We’re looking for women who are working on the best short films in the UK right now, across...

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We’re off!


Made with funding from the Diesel New Voices project, Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul is a beautiful, verite style, 16mm film about the lives of ...

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WINNER: Editing Award 2010


At only 3m 26secs, short film Pussy packs a punch. Ellie is being sexually bullied at school. Finding it too much to deal with alone, she eventually...

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WINNER: Producing Award 2010


The skin-tingling Marigolds explores what goes on behind ‘closed doors’ of a seemingly normal family, living in a sleepy village. It expos...

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WINNER: Directing Award 2010