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We caught up with Francesca Fowler, Underwire 2012 Screenwriting Winner, to find out what she’s been up to since winning for her dark and powerfull film Pitfall

Having your film ‘Pitfall’ as one of the award winners of the festival in 2012, what did you take away from the experience of Underwire?

There’s so much to gain when a festival like Underwire recognise your efforts. For starters, there’s the prize and support that accompanies the award. Gaining access to Euroscript and WFTV has already been a huge help to the current projects I’m working on. I’ve met a range of fantastic people through networking events via Underwire and their prizes – it’s a great opportunity to broaden your networks. It’s also a brilliant platform to market yourself, especially if you find it hard to ‘big yourself up’ which I think a lot of us do.

And possibly the most important aspect is that it’s a huge pat on the back for all your hard work! So many of us struggle to keep morale up, especially when you’re constantly working on independent/low budget projects – it’s like wading through mud at the best of times. We all have those moments of complete defeat in which we question if we’re doing the right thing. But when Underwire takes you under their wing, it’s a reward within itself. It’s almost like they’re giving you permission to keep going, keep making your films, don’t give up! I’ve gained so much from the whole experience. I’d definitely encourage others to get involved in the festival.

What have you been getting up to creatively since Underwire?
I’m currently looking for a Producer to come onboard a feature length screenplay of mine. I actually had Euroscript take a look at it as part of my prize, which was incredibly encouraging (if you need a Script Report, they’re the ones to go to). And I’ve also co-written a feature that’s being produced in Nov 2013, which is incredibly exciting. Other than that, I’m always on the lookout for competitions and opportunities to get projects and scripts seen/produced.
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