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What another incredible year for Underwire. With record-breaking audiences in our fifth year, it was a great week for celebrating outstanding talent across the crafts of filmmaking. Let’s take a look at those winning films:

Best Director (supported by Directors UK)

Tracks – Claire Oakley

Best Producer (supported by Women in Film and Television UK)

He Took His Skin Off For Me – Fiona Lamptey

Best Writer (supported by Euroscript)

Caravan 9 – Annie Power

Best Cinematographer (supported by Greenkit)

The Treehouse – Gabi Norland

Best Editor (supported by VET)

Opponent – Charlotte Ginsborg

Best Composer (supported by Imagem)

James – Isobel Waller-Bridge

Best Actor (supported by Daniella Cesarei Photography)

The Pig Child – Catherine Steadman

Best Under-25 (supported by BFI Future Film)

The Bigger Picture – Director, Daisy Jacobs

Best Sound Designer (supported by Sound Disposition)

Skinship – Ania Przygoda

XX Award (supported by Screen International)

A Moment to Move – Georgia Parris

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