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She Shoots, She Scores

Composer Programme

Shortwave Cinema
Friday November 25th, 19:45

still from ‘Comes But Once A Year’

Dear Foreigner (2010), 05.10 – Stephanie Angel and Caro Snatch
A woman writes a letter to the son she gave up at birth, 27 years later. The film adaptation of a real award-winning letter combining 2D digital, hand drawn animation and found footage.

First Bite (2011), 10.20 – Victoria Wijeratne
Eve is a girl full of emotions, trapped by the world around her, longing to break free. Then she meets Jake and her world begins to open up around her, leading her down a seemingly dangerous path of self discover.

A Tale of two Cats (2011), 05.22 – Alex Harwood
Two homeless cats are friends. One gets killed, but comes back as a spirit and helps its friends find a home.

Shrapnel (2010), 12.11 – Katie Chatburn
An ex-soldier has a chance meeting with a young woman on a train and makes a poigniant discovery, forcing him to face his painful past and to make a decision that will shape both their futures.

Sans Papiers (2010), 18.26 – Caroline Landoli
The daily struggle of 3000 undocumented migrants occupying the labour exchange in suburban Paris, which has brought them together in solidarity.

Comes But Once a Year (2011), 08.00 – Justine Barker
A french girl is consumed by thoughts of her family on her birthday. But can she forgive and forget?

Running Time: 58.89

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