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Ring Masters

Producer Programme, supported by WFTV

Shortwave Cinema
Thursday November 24th, 19:45


still from ‘Shoreditch Slayer’

Shoreditch Slayer (2011), 2.16 – Mavreen Brown
Vampires have hunted humans since the dawn of time. Yet with rising inflastion and soaring unemployment, it’s vampires who are currently struggling for survival. Follow five vampires as they attempt, at all costs, to look for new sources of income.

Into this Silent Land (2011), 14.40 – Jean Hogg & Val Hanson
One little girl’s journey to come to terms with her past. This hypnotic tale explores the world of indentical twin sisters as they holiday near a working lighthouse in the north Norfolk coast.

Of Mary (2011), 20.00 – Lolita Chakrabarti & Rosa Maggiora
Jason Lawrence returns home, estranged from his wife and son. Resentments simmer in this broken family. Choices must be made thay will effect them forever.

Click (2011), 14.25 – Catherine Jeffrey

Nocturn (2010), 15.46 – Rosie Crerar
Jody has insomnia. Almost every night she leaves her sleeping husband and young child and walks the lonely streets of suburbia. But one night, she decides to mix things up.

Running time: 66.27

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