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Looking Glass

Cinematographer Programme, supported by Kodak

Shortwave Cinema
Friday November 25th, 21:30


still from ‘Night Shift’

We Were Here (2010), 04.29 – Lauren Hatchard
A journey through the abandoned corridors of a 1970’s British fire station evokes ghostly memories contained in the community’s station. Fading faces of the past live on through this art form to immortalise the emotion of their history – an imprint of life that speaks ‘We Were Here’.

Night Shift (2011), 09.08 – Maja Borg
A decade ago, God gave Anne Wallace a mission in a dream – to save the souls of the working women in Glasgow. Night Shift is a portrait of Anne and two of these women as they cope with difficult circumstances, finding in each other their own unlikely saviour.

House (2011), 03.17 – Annika Summerson
From the crevices of a decrepit house, the disjointed bodies of elegant dolls come to life, watched over by a sinister girl.

Recompense (2011), 11.25 – Caroline Bridges
1917, Lancashire. Benson and his wife, Nora, are grieving the loss of their son, Alec. As the couple reconcile with his death, it’s revealed that nothing comes without consequence.

Needle (2011), 03.30 – Jessica Cheeseman
An abstract film about how loss can transform the way somone views everyday life. Time shifts and slows down the confines of living under water, where the liquid surface is now so dense that it’s possible to pierce it with a cold, sharp needle.

The Cake (2011), 08.50 – Gabi Norland
Set in a Polish delicatessen, The Cake witnesses a battle for the last remaining ‘Babka’ cake between Polish imigrant Agatta and elderly Mrs Anderson.

Running time: 39.56

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