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In the Cut

Editor Programme, supported by VET

Shortwave Cinema
Thursday November 24th, 21:30


Still from ‘Sunday’
Radio Amina (2011), 08.15 – Katie Bryer
Radio Amina tells the story of Amina Dibir, a 12 year old street hawker from Kano, Nigeria and her imaginary radio show where she gets to say all of the things she wishes she could in real life.

Prohyb (2011), 05.08 – Katarina Complova
One dancer. A dark space. Prohyb portrays the dancer performing a short choreography piece, emphasising the shapes on her body created by light and exploring movement and the possibilities of capturing dance on camera.

Sunday (2011), 08.53 – Villing Chong
Over the course of one Sunday dinner, we witness the gradual merging of cultures and passing of traditions over three generations of a Hakka Chinese family in Britain.

The Glass House (2011), 04.21 – Genevieve Lutkin
A woman estranged from her intuitive sense of nature.

Sans Papiers (2010), 18.26 – Carmela Iandoli
The daily struggle of 3000 undocumented migrants occupying the labour exchange in suburban Paris, which has brought them together in solidarity.

Himalayan Sisters (2011), 14.42 – Ling Lee
Young women from Nepal go to Pokhara for training to be treking guides. Through interviews and glimpses into their everyday lives, this film is an intimate portrait of everyday Nepal.

Running time: 40.39


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