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Dream Drafters

Screenwriter Programme, supported by Euroscript

Shortwave Cinema
Thursday November 24th, 18:00

still from ‘Myra’

Blind Date (2010), 11.45 – Abigail Blackmore
Steven’s quiet evening in his local pub is interrupted when Rachel arrives looking for her blind date.

The Holiday (2010), 10.48 – Ida Akesson
Banter is always animated around the burger van – especially with Ken griping on about his wife and kids. But something’s not quite right.

Morning Echo (2009), 15.00 – Hope Dickson Leach
Today it’s Christmas everywhere except the Moffatt house.

Myra (2011), 13.45 – Caroline Burns Cooke
The lyrical memoirs of Britain’s most reviled woman.

Running time: 61.38

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