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Celluloid Sculptures

Director Programme, supported by Directors UK

Shortwave Cinema
Friday November 25th, 18:00
still from ‘Our Ordered Lives’

N25 (2010), 10.00 – Treasa O’Brien
Passengers on a night bus face their moral dilemmas when a situation arises that prompts them to act.

The Reward (2011), 15.00 – Lucy Patrick Ward
Explore the moment of catharsis that unites two alienated New Yorker’s over the disappearance of Mr Puggles, keep-fit fanatic Felix’s run-away dog.

Screwed Up (2011), 4.55 – Kris Hofman
Screwed Up is a lovestory and a story of not knowing a good thing until its gone. After a short honeymoon period monotony and arguments settle in. One deserts the other, but regrets that very decision soon after and embarks on a search for the missing other half.

Rusalka (2010), 6.05 – Nadia Attia
A young girl is mysteriously imprisoned in a tower. This experimental fairytale uses stop frame animation, live action and illustration to weave a tragic tale.

Biatch (2011), 12.00 – Deborah Haywood
Beth and Chantel are best friends…until Aroon comes on the scene.

Our Ordered Lives (2011), 10.00 – Christine Entwisle
Escaping from the horror of her own actions, a young woman is catapulted from her suffocating West Cumbrian home, towards the wilderness and open air of the near by fell tops.

Running time: 57.60

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