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groupshotWe’re delighted to announce our Underwire Festival 2015 Award Winners:

Best Actor Award Selected by Casting Call Pro

The winner receives one year’s Premium Membership to Casting Call Pro

Winner: Olivia Morgan in Murmur

“Olivia really drew us into her character in the short film Murmur. We loved how she completely immersed herself in the role giving a convincing and captivating performance that was both subtle and grounded. We couldn’t stop watching her!”


XX Award: Best Female Representation Selected by Screen International

The winner will be interviewed for

Winner: Offside by Jimmy Dean

“Offside is the sensitively told story of Kirsty, a young girl obsessed with football who finds herself at that very tricky point between girlhood and womanhood. It is a simple coming-of-age story given great emotional impact by the talents of Writer Ellie Gocher, Director Jimmy Dean and impressive young Actor Sydney Wade. It’s a reminder to all of us how confusing it can be moving from childhood to adulthood.”


Best Writer Award Selected by Euroscript

The winner receives access to all of Euroscript’s training courses for one year, equivalent value of £1,000

Winner: Gillian Park for Flotsam

“Flotsam is a beautifully layered and touching darkly comic tale of two estranged half sisters, forced into each other’s company on an ill fated trek through the Scottish countryside to honour their dead father’s last wishes. Gillian Park’s skilfully nuanced script and sparky dialogue explores the complicated sibling relationship between the two women with authenticity and a refreshing lack of over sentimentality.”


Best Cinematographer Award Selected by Greenkit

The winner receives £2,000 worth of energy efficient lights to use on their next project

Winner: Kate Reid for Nazi Boots

“There was a great selection of films on this year’s shortlist that showcase the range of talent we’re lucky enough to have among women DPs in this country. But even among this selection, Nazi Boots was the standout choice.

At first glance this is a very simple story, tightly written and directed but the cinematography is what makes it shine. The child’s point of view is skilfully realised from the close up of her frightened eyes in the cupboard to her shoe scuffing the dirt of the field in which her brother is buried. Not a single shot is wasted. Nazi Boots is a beautifully crafted and intelligently lit drama in documentary form.”


Best Under 25 Award Selected by BFI Future Film

The winner receives two weekend delegate passes for the BFI Future Film Festival in February 2016, 1 year’s BFI membership and a BFI goodie bag

Winner: Hannah Ford for Terry’s Last Intern

“We really enjoyed this short film. The aesthetic of the piece was great, matching the idea of a photography studio setting perfectly, and we really loved the film texture in it. The pacing matched the film perfectly as well; the length was ideal, and it was engaging throughout. We thought the idea behind it was really great, and the slow reveal of who ‘Terry’ was provided the perfect payoff to the piece. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed it.”


Best Sound Designer Award Selected by Sound Disposition

The winner receives a day of studio time at Sound Disposition

Winner: Lise-Marie McStay for Operator

“The sound work was so good as to be completely invisible – the film grabs you from the outset, and holds you right through to the end. And all the tension, all the drama, was created by sound alone. Exceedingly good work.”


Best Composer Award Selected by Musicians’ Union

The winner receives MU membership (worth £201) for a year, a bespoke careers advice session at MU HQ and a visit to Abbey Road Studios

Winner: Josephine Stephenson for Emma Change the Locks

“All four film scores nominated for Best Composer say in diverse creative ways a statement of the Composer’s intent to support the Director’s, Writer’s and the rest of the film production team in their own imaginative and wonderful way.

Emma Change the Locks by Josephine Stephenson subtly creates the perfect atmosphere for the film, tension and then sadness (using very little material). An excellent example of the discomfort, unease and dread that can be generated by the use of small scale simple phrases and sparse sound. Reflected in images on the screen, this was achieved skillfully with very lean lines, powerful motifs and little pops of tension with the voice.”


Best Editor Award Selected by VET

The winner receives £500 of suite time or training

Winner: Manuela Lupini for Satan has a Bushy Tail

Highly Commended: Bonnie Rae Brickman for BOOTWMN

“Our judges chose this film for its sharp timing and cuts that build the tension and relationships between the protagonists. We were carried along by the mood and tone of the film as the story develops from a sombre start into fits of laughter. It’s all about the reveal in this film. The editing skills heighten the humour of the scenes where the two main characters are preparing to fight the enemy. The edit enhanced the great performances, and made the visual gags work so well that we were all laughing out loud.”


Best Director Award Selected by Directors UK

The winner receives one year’s membership to Directors UK, the winner of this award is also offered a mentoring lunch with an experienced Directors UK member

Winner: Carlota Castells Puig for Història d’un Objecte/Story of an Object

“This film provided a real sense of the Director’s Vision & Voice. The idea was beautifully conceived and realised –  the actresses, the cinematography, the use of narration. It was clever, witty and original and very enjoyable. Carlota has a very particular take on the world and we really look forward to seeing what she does next.”


Best Producer Award Selected by Women in Film & TV (UK)

The winner receives a mentoring lunch with a top industry producer, plus annual membership to WFTV (UK)

Winner: Ruth Wright for Strings

Highly commended: Meghna Gupta & Helen Mullane for Nasty, and Raihana Ferdous and Meghna Gupta for Off The Grid

Strings has a brilliant script which is very cleverly thought out as it slowly unfolds. You don’t quite know where it is going to take you. It is a brilliant slice of life and we really get to understand both characters, also the language used places it in time and location. Casting is impressive, especially the young boy. Production values are really high, props, costume, locations, the car, finite details make you believe the time and place. You can see the work that has gone into this film and you’re taken on an emotional ride with it.”


Lens Flair Prize: in recognition of the importance that women are given access to the means of production (supported by Feral Equipment)

The Under 25 winner Hannah Ford receives a 50% equipment hire discount

Best Director Carlota Castells Puig, Best Producer Ruth Wright and XX Award Winner Jimmy Dean each receive a 30% discount on equipment hire


Tommy Vine Fund Screenwriting Competition

The winner receives £700 towards the making of her short film script.

Winner: Hannah Khalil for The Record


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and thanks to everyone who joined us at the festival to celebrate female filmmaking talent. We’ll be back in 2016 with more events, so keep an eye on the site or sign up to our newsletter below.

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