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Eligibility for UnderWire 2014

UnderWire looks to showcase all kinds of film – we accept drama, animation, documentary, music video and artist film.

Apart from the XX Award, films are only eligible for the category that they have a female creative for.

The XX Award can be entered by both male and female directors. The Award is for films which put interesting female characters at their centre.

Entries for all film categories must be:

• Under 20 minutes long

• Completed since November 2012

• Applicant must be British or Irish and/or the film must be a UK or Republic of Ireland production.

• Available for screening on one of the following formats: Mini DV / Digi Beta / DV Cam / .mov

Please note:

• The deadline for all submissions is 31st July 2014

• DVD’s submitted cannot be returned

• If your film is selected, you must include a SAE for us to return your Mini DV / Digi Beta / DV Cam after the festival.

• If you are successful, the screening format indicated on the form cannot be changed without prior agreement one month in advance of the festival. Please do not put inaccurate information on the form – if you do not have one of the marked screening formats available, notify us with your application.

• Successful applicants will be notified by 7th September 2014.

• We can only consider submissions which are entered with both the DVD/link, payment receipt and the completed application form. The Submission fee is £10 per film (not per category)

• Please send DVD’s to Underwire Festival, c/o Shooting People, PO Box 51350, London, N1 6XS, or email us a link to your film to underwire *at*
Submission FAQs

• To give an example of what can and can not be submitted:

If the film is directed by a man and produced by a woman, then the film is eligible in the producing category but will not be considered in the directing category.

If the film is being entered into a category where the entrant shares a credit with a male, it is not eligible, e.g. it is written by a male and a female.

Only the XX Award can be entered by both male and female directors.

• Please let us know who on your crew is female so we can consider everyone that is eligible for an award. You do not have to pay the submission fee for each category entered, just once for the film. You can pay for your submission here.

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