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Shorts: Men By Women

Shorts: Men by Women

Event Details

Thursday 1 December

Barbican 19:00

Running time: 81 mins

Masculinity is laid bare in this selection of films by women filmmakers. Athletes, bullies, idols, has-beens, sons, fathers, brothers, widowers…  A different take on the female gaze that aims to unpack men onscreen.



FAN GIRL (Director)

Dir. Kate Herron

Emily and Kim spent their teenage years fantasising about Ryan Laughtner, lead singer of the once-mega-famous noughties boy-band, Off-Limits. Now at 22, Kim persuades Emily to go on one last fan-pilgrimage, to Ryan’s mansion. Emily and Kim are faced with a choice: to live in the past, or move on together.

HUSKY  – Yasmin Afifi (Under 25)

Dir. Yasmin Afifi

Marcus, a boy on the brink of adulthood, struggles to decide where his loyalties lie.

A MAN CALLED DAD  – Cherish Oteka (Under 25)

Dir. Cherish Oteka

A Man Called Dad is a short creative documentary exploring and celebrating the different stages of fatherhood. Often portrayed as absentee, these fathers relive their experiences, challenges and triumphs.

FIRE – Carla MacKinnon & Barbara Healy (Producers)

Dir. Christopher Andrews

An encounter in an unfamiliar environment challenges the identity of a volatile young man.

SOME WILL FORGET – Claire Levy (Producer)

Dir. Ruth Grimberg

Les Moore is an ex-miner, a striking miner who cannot let go of the miner’s defeat 30 years ago. Now, as the pit in his village finally faces closure, Les joins the fight to preserve its legacy and calls for the chance of a decent life for his sons.

DIANE – Sally Mumby-Croft (Editor)

Dir. Amy Gwatkin

A man looks for connection in the London night. ‘Diane’ was made as part of a project exploring intimacy, anonymity and the internet that has been ongoing since 2010, and was conceived in collaboration with actor Dan Pratt.

ERGO – Anneka Saunders (Cinematographer)

Dir. Alice Sephton

Tom Dawson is a university rower who is fighting it out with rival athlete David Vellini for the last seat in Hampton College’s first 8+. After a brutal 2km test on the rowing machines, where Tom and David score the same time, Coach Adam White calls the boys to his office to make his final decision.

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