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Wired Women 2016 – 3

Not many festivals can say that, in addition to entertaining their audiences, they actively create new filmmakers at the same time.

But at Underwire that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do.

Not only do we have an incredible selection of feature films and shorts that could inspire you to turn your hand to filmmaking, but we also have a programme of practical opportunities to learn, network and launch your filmmaking career.

In addition to our festival programme, which runs from 22-26 November, we also have the Wired Women Weekender on 18-19 November.

This series of panels, presentations and guidance from industry insiders will take your career to the next level, whether you’re a a new filmmaker or an aspiring one.

By the time you’ve finished the Wired Women Weekender, you’ll be prepared to get moving on your next film, in preparation for showing it at Underwire and other festivals around the world in the future.

We’ve kept the cost as low as possible, with day tickets for as little as £25 and a full weekend ticket at no more than £40, all for an experience that will be priceless if you’re looking to break into the industry.

Here’s what to expect:

Saturday 18th November


Intro by Underwire 

Approaching funders and development executives can be daunting but extremely valuable. Our panel of execs and filmmakers talk about both sides of the relationship, and the value this process can bring to your projects. 

Does the idea of pitching your idea bring you out in a cold sweat? Can pitching be (dare we say) fun? Get some tips on how to avoid the common pitfalls of pitching as well as tools on how to present your big idea confidently! 

12:30 LUNCH 

Need help developing your great idea into a final draft? This session with a leading development producer will help you identify where your script needs the most work.

Script? ✔️ Budget? ✔️ Cast? We’re joined by an up and coming casting director on avoiding common casting mistakes, luring that top talent and how to get the best out of your actors.

Copywriter by day, screenwriter by night. How can you get your project off the ground and have a day job too? We’ll hear from a panel of writers and directors on how your can transfer your skills and eventually turn your passion projects into a career.

Sunday 19th November

Looking to make that leap from production department to producing? Get some top tips on climbing the production ladder from one of the industry’s leading producers

Step inside the edit suite for a masterclass on visual storytelling from a leading editor across shorts and features.

12:30 LUNCH 

It’s often said that a good sound designer can help transform your film. We’ll hear from one designer on the collaborative nature of their role and what they need from you, the director.

VR is the buzzword of the moment, and a brand new form of storytelling that is setting the industry ablaze with opportunities. A panel of directors and producers will showcase how to get your head around new technologies and the opportunities it can offer filmmakers. 

16:00 THE D WORD
The dreaded ‘d’ word: distribution. What do you do when you’re film is done? How do you negotiate with a distributor? How do you know if self-distribution is the right way to go? So many questions and no clear answers. We go in depth with a case study of a succesful small release to understand what is distribution done right. 

17:00 DRINKS
What better way to round off Wired Women than a drink (or two!) on us and a spot of networking with fellow filmmakers and speakers from across the weekend.

Venue | The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ

One Day Pass | £30 / £25 concessions

Weekend Pass | £40 / £30 concessions

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