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Friday 23rd November


Nothing is as it seems in this selection of thrilling shorts that push our boundaries and defy expectations. An atmospheric selection of thrillers that explores the darkness of human relationships, from dodgy wealthy men who crave attention to dystopian societies that permit crime. Short, slick and tense, with major thrills to leave you gasping.

The Feast 2


Hayley, a self-possessed young woman from a hungry community, longs for opportunities to achieve her artistic dreams. One day, she receives an invitation from the Count – the only wealthy man in the land – to dine with him at a lavish feast in his majestic mansion. Hayley has heard of these occasions before. Each time, the guest returns home – unharmed, but silent, guilty, and changed.

Nominated for:
Production Design Award – Sophie Moelle

Lao Wai 1


A Chinese girl gets lost as a first time tourist in the UK and must hitchhike her way to London, without speaking English.

Nominated for:
Composing Award – Marisa Cornford

The Moth 2


An insomniac writer gives in to the dark pull of Berlin winter.

Nominated for:

Acting Award – SJ Norman

Rape Card 9


Rape Card is a cautionary tale set in a chilling dystopian future where rape is legal. Frances tries to control her fate by planning her own assault, and targets a young boy who just got his rape card.

Nominated for: Producing Award – Madeleine Sims-Fewer

Leash 5


June 2016. In their first ever Euro Football Championships, Wales reach the semi-finals. In the same week, Britain votes to leave the E.U. For a girl-gang in the valleys of South Wales, the line between patriotism and nationalism becomes blurred.
But treating humans like animals has consequences…

Nominated for:
Cinematography Award – Diana Olifirova
Editing Award

Man of the Hour 2


Gemma (Charlotte Ritchie) receives a mysterious invitation to a birthday party. She must pass herself off as the old friend of an enigmatic millionaire, Jeremy (Ed White) and mingle with his glittering guests (Oliver Chris, Tom Stourton, Natasia Demetriou and Richard Durden). But Gemma can’t help but wonder who Jeremy is and why he’s tasked her with such a peculiar job… there’s something more to him than meets the eye.

Nominated for:

Production Design Award – Caroline Sandford-Muir


Friday 23 November | 6:30pm

Running time | 80 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | Prince Charles Cinema

Tickets | £10

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