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The Privileged Gaze

Saturday 21 September


It is extremely difficult to define entitlement, and its relationship to privilege. The complex, layered characters in these shorts show us behaviours that toe the grey line between both. Friends who get off on manipulating others, men who feel entitled to time and attention, all-consuming ambition… These films address deeply problematic issues delicately. 


Exit Eve DIR Charlie Parham NOM Editing (Julie Buckland)

Rock Paper Scissors DIR Morayo Akandé NOM Screenwriting (Morayo Akandé)

Hatima DIR Funke Alafiatayo, Damilola Babalola  NOM Producing (Oluwaseun ‘Shey’ Osibowale)

Hell Hath No Furie DIR Kitty Faingold NOM Animation (Kitty Faingold)

Lily Meets Charlie DIR Audrey Gagneux NOM U25 Screenwriting, Acting (Audrey Gagneux U25 Screenwriting &Tanya Reynolds Acting)

23 Red DIR Julia Hart NOM Screenwriting (Julia Hart)

Rooftop Refugee DIR Alexandra Brodski NOM Screenwriting (Alexandra Brodski & Rebecca Martin)


Saturday 21 September | 2:15pm

Running time | 78min 

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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