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Otherworldly Tales

Saturday 21 September


These dreamy films go to places other shorts dare not venture. Otherworldly landscapes, imagined worlds and dreamscapes that go beyond our reality. These films are unclassifiable and transcend genres, but always have a unique filmmaking voice behind them. Come and meet the next masters of the surreal. 


Dearest Degenerate DIR Antonia Luxem NOM Composing (Antonia Luxem)

OOPS we did it again DIR Grace Lambert  NOM Sound Design (Grace Lambert)

My Dad Is Orange DIR Elle Ralph NOM U25 Directing (Elle Ralph)

Never Actually Lost DIR Rowan Ings NOM Editing 

Fred’s Head DIR Kathryn Leviton NOM Animation (Kathryn Leviton)

H S K T DIR Hannah Congdon NOM Sound Design (Ellen Sunde)

Shawafa DIR Ashtar Al Khirsan NOM Cinematography (Mary Farbrother)

Baliko DIR Chris Chung NOM Editing (Julie Buckland)


Saturday 21 September | 4:30pm

Running time | 78min 

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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