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Once upon a time

Tuesday 20th November


A boy who might be a fish, a girl who might have werewolf genes, a mystery about a missing egg, a festival love story between a robot and a scarecrow… These shorts take stories of love, family and trauma and elevate them to something much more magical, fantastical and even phantasmagorical. Let go of notions of reality and dive head first into this collection of dark fairytales.

Invisible 1


Invisible is a coming of age tale of a boy struggling to come to terms with the loss of his father and with his mother’s new relationship.

Nominated for:
Directing Award – Melly Still

Its Not Custard 6


It’s Not Custard is the darkly comic story of Louise, a teenager suffering the dual blows of unrelenting acne and continual bullying, at home from her cruel older sister Jennifer, and at school from Wayne.

Nominated for:
U25 Directing Award – Kate McCoid

The Egg and the Thieving Pie 1


Community Police Officer, Shona, finds herself battling the call of the ocean when investigating the theft of a precious egg. Whilst interviewing the local residents she comes face-to-face with their animalistic traits culminating in surreal exchanges, leading to the thief.

Nominated for:
Directing Award – Lola Blanche Higgins
Cinematography Award – Alvilde Naterstad
Composing Award –  Hollie Buhagiar

Fishboy 1


A surrealist tale about the all-encompassing nature of living with guilt.

Nominated for:
Animator Award – Anita Bruvere

Robot Scarecrow 5


A fairy tale set against the backdrop of a heady summer music festival, where a robot and a scarecrow meet and fall in love.

Nominated for:

Editing Award – Jinx Godfrey

Beast 1


When Alice’s mother, Grace, tells her that her father has become a “beast,” Alice begins to question who or what she really is.

Nominated for:
Directing Award – Leonora Lonsdale


Tuesday 20 November | 8:35pm

Running time | 87 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road SE1 8XT

Tickets | £12.65

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