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Bodies in Motion

Saturday 21 September


This selection of visually stunning dance films put the body and the soul in motion. Dance films are going through a resurgence, as evidenced by this vibrant selection of shorts that interweave narrative drama with dance. Portraits of places and people, layered dramas, soul-searching quests and love stories all have their place in this programme. The aesthetics of dance, and how to present it on film, are fascinating to watch, and each of the filmmakers has a distinctive approach. 


The Ocean DIR Sinead McDevitt  NOM Cinematography (Ashley Barron)

Ghost Dance DIR Emilia Izquierdo NOM Sound Design (emilia izquierdo)

Five Letters to the Stranger Who Will Dissect My Brain DIR Oonagh Kearney NOM Directing, Cinematography, Editing (Oonagh Kearney Directing, Cara Holmes Editing, Eleanor Bowman Cinematography)

Last Dance DIR Caroline Hajny NOM U25 Producing (Caroline Hajny & Kotryna Useviciute)

Frontiers DIR Eve McConnachie NOM Editing (Eve McConnachie)

Tremble DIR Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple NOM Directing, Editing

The lyrics that took me home DIR Jan Rufus NOM XX Award, Producing 

Flight DIR Harriet Macdonald NOM Editing Harriet Macdonald

Julia Conway: My Life as a Dancer DIR Lucy Bilcock NOM U25 Directing (Lucy Bilcock)

Night at the Club NOM XX Award


Saturday 21 September | 4:00pm

Running time | 73min 

Venue | Barbican Cinema

Tickets | £12.00

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