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Best Friends Forever

Thursday 19 September


Friendships between women that are intense, profound and not always presented on the screen in their full spectrum of complexity. In this selection of shorts, BFFs and girl gangs are the protagonists: friends to get stoned with, friends to daydream with, friends that friends that might be more than friends and friends that may not be your friends at all. 


Night Out DIR Amelia Hashemi NOM Acting (Tsion Habte)

Tracks DIR Rosie Day NOM Screenwriting, Composing (Rosie Day Screenwriting & Sophie Day Composer)

Sunday Tide DIR Jaclyn Bethany NOM Cinematography (Irene Gomez-Emilsson)

Princess for Hire DIR Sarah Elgood NOM XX Award (Thea Cantell)

Lazy Money DIR Amani Zardoe NOM XX Award (Amani Zardoe)

This Time DIR Akaash Meeda NOM Acting (Ayesha Antoine)

Treacle DIR Rosie Westhoff NOM “Directing, Acting (April Kelley Acting & Rosie Westhoff Directing)

Till Death Do Us A Party DIR Shirmaine Ong NOM XX Award (Shirmaine Ong)


Thursday 19 September | 9:00pm

Running time | 94min 

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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