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Best Friends Forever

Thursday 22nd November


Friendships between women that are intense, profound and not always presented on the screen in their full spectrum of complexity. In this selection of shorts, BFFs and girl gangs are the protagonists: friends that drive you to the doctors, friends to daydream with, and friends that may not be your friends at all.

Space Girls 4


During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket.

Nominated for:
Production Design Award – Carys Watford

Nosebleed 2


NOSEBLEED follows a pivotal week for long-time best friends Lilah and Coby, whose friendship is morphing into something far more venomous and toxic. A flower that once delicately bloomed proves to just as easily draw blood with its thorns…

Nominated for:
Cinematography Award – Rachel Clark

Late 10


It’s the early 90s, long before the hope and disappointment of the Blair government, in what now feels like the near, pre-modern past. LAUREN (24) wakes up with her ex GREG (27) next to her, and a sense of not-again regret.

Nominated for:
Cinematography Award – Simona Susnea
Composing Award –  KT Tunstall
Sound Design Award –

Mercury 5


Bambi drives her very pregnant best-friend Al to hospital to have her baby. They’ve decided that she’s not going to keep it. Al’s mood darkens as the inevitable and irreversible reality sinks in.

Nominated for:
XX Award
Screenwriting Award – Gorana Jovanovic

Three Centimetres 1


Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to make their friend feel better about her breakup. Their conversation drifts to a less fun place.

Nominated for:

Screenwriting Award – Lara Zeidan

Breastfriends 1


After a team member gets injured a few days before competition the relay team get a replacement from a confident outsider called Edel, who the headstrong, driven leader of the team Ash hates. While the girls are getting changed after training one of the girls invites Edel to Ash’s house for a sleepover without her permission.

Nominated for:
XX Award
U25 Directing Award – Eleanor Rogers

Clean As You Like 1


Best friends (and cleaners in crime) Bertha and Polly are the last two singletons of their friends group, who vow with a pinky swear to always stick together… Until Jock appears and threatens to rock their relationship with unexpected consequences.

Nominated for:
Sound Design Award – Emilie Thomson


Thursday 22 November | 8:30pm

Running time | 87 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road SE1 8XT

Tickets | £12.65

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