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Shorts: Hysterical

Shorts: Hysterical

Event Details

Thursday 1 December
Prince Charles Cinema 20:45
Running time: 90mins

Shocking, out-there, darkly comic, beautifully awkward (and with a slightly unnerving penchant for dogs), in this side-splitting selection of shorts, women take centre stage – and they own it.


THE GIRL IN THE DRESSNatalia Malla (Writer)

Dir. Natalia Malla

Just hours before the wedding, Emily happens upon a Henry VIII living statue. Is it a bad sign?


BEING NICELeah Revivo (Director) and Penelope Torday (Producer)

Dir. Leah Revivo

Esther works a Pack and Send, she’s a socially inept worker who watches relationships flourish all around her. One day she decides to try and forge relationships with her co workers, however the path to acceptance is full of complications and Being Nice is never as easy as it sounds.


THE SWING OF IT Violet Myers (Writer)

Dir. Douglas Ray

A retired couple attends a local swingers party, in the hope of restarting their stalled love life. But not only are they the only attendees, the hosts are stuck up liberals who have been objecting to their planning application. What follows is a night of brutal honesty and small town politics.


HERE BOY – Selena Cunningham (Producer)

Dir. Molly Manners

In Claudia, Simon has met the perfect girl, but it quickly becomes apparent that the relationship can only continue if he lets her treat him like a dog. Simon tries to solve the problem, but it backfires in a way he never could have imagined.


WHO ARE YOU?Fiona O’Shaughnessy (Actor)

Dir. Ben and Chris Blaine

Esme’s question splits open the very nature of reality for her mum, Peggy.


BLIND DATE – Verity Henry (Actor)

Dir. Eleanor Marechal

A VHS from the late ’80s is discovered in Bolton during a house clearance in 2011. Little is known of Irene, the previous homeowner, besides what appears on this tape. It’s a home movie, of sorts; an attempt at a video dating profile by a woman whose domestic bliss has crumbled all around her.


SHOCK OF THE MUSE – Julie Murphy (Composer)

Dir. Inga Burrows

Finding her feet on day one of her job as a life model, the young muse draws courage from years of girl guide training. Promising ‘to do her best’, standing nude in front of strangers, a most untimely event occurs that appears to mock her conscientious sense of duty.


THE WRONG END OF THE STICK – Terri Matthews (Animator)

Dir. Terri Matthews

Malcolm Fetcher is a neurotic, middle-aged teacher lost in a dull marriage with his wife of twenty years,
Beverly. As he faces an all-consuming identity crisis, their marriage disintegrates and he is forced to express
a deep, hidden desire…

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