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Saturday 25th November


Filmed over five years, Laura McGann’s debut feature film chronicles the fierce rivalry between the Dublin Roller Girls (the first Irish roller derby team) and the Cork City Firebirds, their Leeside rivals. Starting off in 2011, with the Roller Girls preparing for the World Cup, the documentary paints an intimate portrait of a female-driven sport, capturing a fierce array of characters fighting for self-expression and a team they believe in the midst of a crippling economic recession.

Running time: 92mins
Director: Laura McGann
Producer: Ross Whitaker
Courtesy of Boudica Films


Saturday 25 November | 6:00pm

Running time | 92 minutes

Venue | Curzon Aldgate, Goodman’s Fields, 2 Canter Way, London E1 8PS

Tickets | £12

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