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Mummy Dearest

Saturday 17th November


Being a Mum is where women experience the harshest judgements. Not good enough, doing it wrongly, should try this etc. This most epic of responsibilities is fraught with challenges, and running from comedy to tragedy, these films show just a glimpse of what life as a mum is really about.

Runaway Arab 4


QUEEN ZA DREAM, a 26 year old Middle Eastern drag queen, is preparing for a show with the utmost gravity, with an outfit evocative of an Egyptian deity. NAZEEM is a gender-queer 8 year-old boy, who has a close bond with his Iraqi-Egyptian mother, HALIMA. Whilst flamboyant and in many ways a drag queen herself on the surface, HALIMA is governed by the strict expectations of gender in Arab society.

Nominated for:
U25 Producing Award – Savannah James-Bayly
Editing Award – Fiona Brands

August Sun 6


Javier, an Argentine expat living in Europe, is back in his hometown of Buenos Aires following his father’s death to help his mother, Miriam, who suffers from mental health issues.

Nominated for: Ciematography Award –

Jackie Teboul

Aeroplanes 1


When a young woman loses her mother in a plane crash, she impulsively steals an unaccompanied child in a desperate attempt to fill both his life and hers with purpose.

Nominated for:

Acting Award – Kirsty Osmon

Fee 5


Fee is out celebrating with her friends, but a voice from the past keeps plaguing her. Escaping the pub for a breath of fresh air, Fee comes across a church and follows her impulse. As her heels echo in the silence of the cathedral, that voice, the person who has rejected her all her life appears.

Nominated for: Editing Award – Meredith Leece

Bitter Sea 5


To keep her job and home in London, an immigrant single mother has to hide her daughter from her boss and landlord.

Nominated for: Screenwriting Award – Fateme Ahmadi

Metroland 3


When Ben’s mum passes away he finds out it’s not too late for them to take one last trip. The only problem is, Ben’s older sister Sam isn’t in on the plan. A short comedy film about family, death and the ridiculous things that we do for the people we love.

Nominated for:

Acting Award – Rachel Teate
Composing Award -Roma Yagnik

Mothering 1


Mothering tells the story of a young girl, Mia, arriving at her new foster home. When her first period unexpectedly appears in the early hours, help comes in the form of her foster parent’s elderly mother, Pauline.

Nominated for:
Producing Award – Ailsa Vanessa Tapping


Saturday 16 November | 1:00pm

Running time | 92 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | Prince Charles Cinema

Tickets | £10

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