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Mummy Dearest

Saturday 14 September


Being a Mum is where women experience the harshest judgements. Not good enough, doing it wrongly, should try this etc. This most epic of responsibilities is fraught with challenges, and running from comedy to tragedy, these films show just a glimpse of what life as a mum is really about.


TMI DIR Ita Fitzgerald NOM Screenwriting (Ita Fitzgerald) 

My Mother’s Eyes DIR Jenny Wright NOM Animation (Jenny Wright) 

O Christmas Tree DIR Laura Degnan NOM Acting (Charlotte Spencer) 

Conception: Catie + Jen DIR Moth Studio NOM Animation (Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits) 

Virginia DIR Francesco Puppini NOM Producing 

And It Was The Same With My Son DIR Noemi Varga NOM Cinematography (Simona Susnea) 

New Mama DIR Kirsty Robinson-Ward NOM Screenwriting (Kirsty Robinson-Ward) 

Held For A Moment DIR Edward Japp NOM Acting (Antonia Desplat) 

No place DIR Laura Kavanagh NOM Directing (Laura Kavanagh), Acting (Michelle McMahon)


Saturday 14 September | 6:00pm

Running time | 87min

Venue | BFI Southbank

Tickets | £12.00

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