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Memory Songs

Monday 16 September


Memories can have a powerful hold on us, and ignoring them can lead to deep turmoil. Dreamy, sometimes haunting, centered on stories from unresolved issues in the past to friends’ unsolved disappearances, each of these films creatively tackle memories, their lingering emotional impact and their unreliable nature.


Strange Days DIR Alice Seabright NOM XX Award, Producing (Emily Everdee)

X Anniversary DIR Yvette Farmer NOM Cinematography (Annette Remler)

They Found Her in a Field DIR Ellie Rogers NOM Directing (Ellie Rogers)

A Disappearance DIR Laura Spini, Laurence Brook NOM Acting (Sophie Thompson)

Peak DIR Lucy Rose Wilson-Green NOM Cinematography, Composing, (Lizzie Gilhome, Cinematography & Lucy Rose, Composing)

Invisible Women DIR Alice Smith NOM XX Award, Composing (Tabitha Benjamin)


Monday 16 September | 9:00pm

Running time | 73min

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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