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Living Scars

Tuesday 17 September


Trauma leaves scars on a person, both visible and invisible. These films explore the aftermath, realites and emotions that arise from traumatic events: from the mysterious disappearance of a first love, family deaths and terrible losses. These shorts explore these legacies and feelings that are often left unspoken.


Dawn in the Dark DIR Runyararo Mapfumo NOM Directing (Runyararo Mapfumo), Production Design (Phoebe Platman)

Past, Present, The Future’s Imperfect DIR Deborah Megnauth NOM Directing (Deborah Megnauth)

Home Girl DIR Poonam Brah NOM XX Award, Directing, Screenwriting, Acting (Poonam Brah XX Award & Directing, Iman Qureshi Screenwriting & Aysha Kala Acting)

After DIR Charlotte Regan NOM Editing 

Girls who drink DIR Lily Rose Thomas NOM Producing (Sarah Gardner)

The Pregnant Ground DIR Haolu Wang NOM Directing, Producing, Sound Design (Haolu Wang Directing, Yanling Wang Producing, Ines Adriana Sound Design)


Tuesday 17 September | 9:00pm

Running time | 83min

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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