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Her Dark Materials

Wednesday 18 September


Feverish nightmares, dangerous girls, and claustrophobic frights await in this selection of shorts that balance the scary and the disturbing, bringing the fine art of the fright to a whole new level.  These shorts take established genre conventions and turn them into something original. Let’s just say – you’re going to have to sleep with the light on. 


Cubicle DIR Chloe Wicks NOM Directing (Chloe Wicks)

RETCH DIR Keir Siewert NOM Cinematography, Sound Design (Anna Gubrandsdottir Cinematography & Natasha Haycocks Sound Design)

Changeling DIR Faye Jackson NOM Cinematography (Ann Evelin Lawford) and Production Design (Charlotte Ball)

Plantlife DIR Caitlin McLeod, Tegid Cartwright NOM Producing (Caitlin McLeod)

Dark Leaves DIR Manu Sobral NOM Composing Sound Design (Manu Sobral Sound Design & Laura Leiner, Leonor Beuter Composing)

Tickle DIR Chris Chalklen NOM Editing, Composing (Hollie Buhagiar Composing & Lucy Chappell Editing)

Exit To Stage DIR Daphne Schmon, Emily Carlton NOM Composing, Production Design (Leyah Titford Production Design & Hollie Buhagiar Composing)

Supper for Civilised Girls DIR Ella Robertson NOM U25 Screenwriting (Ella Robertson)

White Girl DIR Nadia Latif NOM Cinematography (Deepa Keshvala) 

Knock at the Door DIR Michael Constable NOM Production Design (Alexandra Slade)


Wednesday 18 September | 6:45pm

Running time | 84min

Venue | Prince Charles Cinema

Tickets | £10.00

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