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Damaged Female Character

Thursday 22nd November


Much has been said about the “strong female character”. The characters in these shorts go beyond that, shedding any unrealistic expectation placed on women onscreen and presenting us with complex female characters that don’t shy away from the darker side.


Nominated for:
Acting Award – Yasmine Akram

The Mess 1


As Ellice gets low, her room gets messy – she never sees it coming, but it always happens. There seems to be no way to break out of the endless highs or lows that make up bipolar, or even to pick her clothes up off the floor.

Nominated for:
Production Design Award – Dorothy Allen-Pickard


School, gum and teddy bears. An unsettling and surreal girl-pop tale about a nine year old feeling the pressures to fit in. Devoid of acceptance from her peers, Melissa’s mind unravels…

Nominated for:

Sound Design Award – Simone Smith

The Lost Films of Bloody Nora 3


Drawing on the surrealist self portrait traditions of the likes of Maya Deren, Claude Cahun and Man Ray, “The Lost Films of Bloody Nora” is a macabre fairytale with no dialogue about a young woman who lives in a chip shop with her controlling father and his fancy girlfriend. Lonely and without purpose, Nora one day stumbles upon an old camera in a river and starts to embody weird and wonderful characters which she captures on film. When her father finds out about the camera and gets furious, Nora takes extreme measures to ensure that these magical, idealised versions of herself will live on for eternity.

Nominated for: Editing Award – Sophia Di Martino

Keepsake 4


Two strangers, bought together by unlikely circumstances, discover each others hidden secrets.

Nominated for:
Screenwriting Award – Helena Coan

None of the Above 2


Posting regular updates to her ever-growing number of followers, a vivacious, bisexual Internet vlogger embarks on a public dating odyssey. But when sensitive rendezvous footage goes viral, praise and approval quickly turns to vitriol. Cassie’s desperate attempt to fight the tide of public opinion fails, leading to tragic real-world consequences.

Nominated for:

Acting Award – Holli Dempsey


Our lead Jodie, seems to be having mild hallucinations and seizures. A woman with no history of illness feels as though she is going mad. She knows something is wrong with her. Her doctors tell her there is nothing physically wrong with her. Determined, she begins to tracks how her symptoms can be triggered. With this new evidence she pleads with one more doctor to do a thorough inspection but Jodie is given the same results. Physically she is in perfect health. But her mental illness journey has only begun.

Nominated for:
Acting Award – Toyah Frantzen


A portrait of a day in the life of a young woman in London.

Nominated for:

Acting Award – Andrea Riseborough
Editing Award – Julie Buckland

One More 4


Billie and Alex have gotten themselves into a destructive cycle of drinking, drugging and repeating. Two successful fuck ups who have been friends forever and have seen it all together. In life both are doing pretty well and working hard at what they love … well almost. Their hangovers are permanent but could this be a constant plaster covering up what’s really going on? One evening with the arrival of Billie’s ex boyfriend Chris back on the scene could he be the catalyst to enable the truth to come out.

Nominated for:
Sound Design Award – Louise Burton


Thursday 22 November | 6:30pm

Running time | 85 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | Prince Charles Cinema

Tickets | £10

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