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Shorts: Mommie Dearest

Shorts: Mommie Dearest

Event Details

Saturday 3 December 

Genesis Cinema 14:00

Running time: 83mins




Exploring the biggest female honestly and untethered, these films interrogate women’s relationship to what’s considered our raison d’être. Earnest, brilliant shorts that explore the notion of motherhood, commitment and responsibility, as well as the effects of mothers on their children.


PREGNANT PAUSE – Alexandra Roach (Actor)

Dir. Alice Seabright

Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.


BABY – Anna Bertmark (Sound Designer)

Dir. Somayeh Jafari, Mitch Kalisa

A heavily pregnant woman is enduring benign contractions while out walking with a friend. Unable to separate herself from her impending labour, she hears the word ‘baby’ whenever spoken to, as she struggles to come to terms with having a disabled child. As she is joined by her cousin the two attempt to allay her fears of motherhood as her panic develops.


LITTLE SOLDIER – Stella Corradi (Writer)

Dir. Stella Corradi

10 year old, Anya lives and cares for her mother, Amanda. When Derek threatens to come between them, Anya takes matters into her own hands in order to protect her home. Little Soldier is a darkly comic drama about the power of one girl’s imagination to change her own world.


SMALL STEPS Bryony Afferson (Actor)

Dir. Philip Staal

A short drama about a woman’s immediate reaction to miscarriage and the struggles she goes through when communicating with friends and family. An insight into the female perspective when dealing with loss, designed to break down social boundaries surrounding the issue and encourage more informed support for men and women.


WHERE ARE WE NOW – Aline Belfort (Under 25)

Dir. Lucie Rachel

Where We Are Now is a personal documentary about the changing relationship between a daughter and her trans parent, who recently made the decision to transition.


KATHRYN’S 2008 – Dora Schluttenhofer Lees and Evie Schluttenhofer Lees (Under 25)

Dir. Dora Schluttenhofer Lees

Narrated by the younger sister of the film maker, ‘2008’ is a short film examining the diary of the film makers bereaved parent, inviting a personal glimpse into the mind of a terminally ill mother of four.


PAUSE – Niamh Heery (Sound Designer)

Dir. Niamh Heery

A woman arrives on an island in an altered state to confront her past. As she listens to old family tape recordings her surroundings begin to take on new life.


MARINA AND ADRIENNE – Loran Dunn (Producer)

Dir. Lucy Campbell

Set at sea, runaway lovers find themselves in the eye of a storm, where childbirth, death and superstition are challenged by the power of love.


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