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Shorts: Mean Girls

Shorts: Mean Girls

Event Details

Saturday 3 December

Genesis Cinema 16:00

Running time: 96mins



Passion and excitement seen in the turbulent time of girlhood, when bold curiosity takes charge. Those early encounters can define us. The power of girl gangs, the pressures of becoming a grown up and the thrill of the early peeks at the adult world are explored in these powerful shorts.


LITTLE DOLL Kate Dolan (XX Award & Director) and Ciara Gallagher (Actor)

Dir. Kate Dolan

After a chance meeting, preteens Elenore and Alex have an instant connection.
When Alex invites her new friend to a sleepover with her school friends, their attraction becomes obvious, catching the unwanted attention of their peers. They must face the confusion and uncertainty of developing a same-sex first crush.


RAINBOW PARTY  – Eva Sigurdardottir (Director & Writer)

Dir. Eva Sigurdardottir

In a tale of twisted innocence, 14-year-old outcast Sofia is offered the chance to join the popular group at school, but doing so requires making serious sacrifices. Whoever said that teenage girls were pure and innocent?


TESTIMONYKamila Dydyna (Director)

Dir. Kamila Dydyna

In 1991, Cat O’Neill testifies in a domestic abuse court hearing. Case parties: Mum and Dad.


BORDERSElizabeth Mizon (Writer)

Dir. Elizabeth Mizon

Borders is a lyrical narrative short based on a poem by Shagufta K Iqbal, exploring the subjective experience of a historical, anonymous, female migrant; an attempt to give a voice to, and a first-person perspective from women who have fallen victim to the ongoing system of racism and sexism integral to British colonial history.


SAFIYAH FLIES ACROSS THE OCEAN – Caroline Landry (Production Designer)

Dir. Samuel de Ceccatty

As mother won’t let her contact her missing father, 8-year old Safiyah decides to take things into her own hands and embarks on an adventure to fly her letter to Egypt herself.


KIM – Hannah Renton (Under 25)

Dir. Hannah Renton

Punk kid Kim is out-of-place in a rural Danish town. Mistreated by her employer and neglected by her friends in the city she lashes out, stealing from a new client, a rebellious widower. But after they spend an evening together she finds joy and strength in the unexpected friendship.


NOODLES – Claire Fowler (Director & Writer)

Dir. Claire Fowler

A short, gritty story of young love, told in reverse.


WE LOVE MOSES Anna Dick (Editor)

Dir. Dionne Edwards

When Ella was twelve, she had her first fight. And when she was twelve, she discovered sex. Now eighteen, Ella reflects on how her obsession with her older brother Michael’s best friend Moses left her with a secret she still carries.


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