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Shorts: Lonely Two-Legged Creatures

Shorts: Lonely Two-Legged Creatures

Event Details

Saturday 3 December

Genesis Cinema 18:00

Running time: 88mins  




Film’s visual power means it can convey emotions that defy words. Transforming the invisible feelings ordinarily locked inside us into images and characters, these films poetically depict the torrent of experiences evoked by isolation. Moving and inspiring this programme demonstrates with humour, tenderness and unsettling accuracy, that even in our loneliness, we are not alone.


TWIDDLY THINGSAdara Todd (Animator)

Dir. Adara Todd

In this short animated film, we are given an understanding of how dementia affects Polly, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey as Polly takes us back to memories she remembers and explains her experience of when she starts to forget.


DAYDREAMAniko Kuikka (Production Designer) & Jojo Erholtz (Writer) 

Dir. Jojo Erholtz

It seems that Annabelle’s idea of romance only exists in fairytales, but this is the day when something life-changing could happen.


DAWN – Justine Barker (Composer)

Dir. Jake Graff

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other. As the sun begins to rise, and the veil of night is lifted, the pair are forced to look at themselves and face the harsh reality that life is sometimes what you make it, and that in the cold light of day, it takes more than the eyes to see inside a soul.


ANCHOR – Madeleine Morlet (Production Designer)

Dir. Madeleine Morlet

Although Joni isn’t emotionally available she needs the comfort and support of Olivia. In seeking this understanding she allows a situation of forced intimacy to evolve. Despite there being much tenderness between them it is clear that their expectations of one another are not matched.


SESSION 1Ida Melum (Animator)

Dir. Ida Melum

In a desperate attempt to save their marriage, Judith and Bernard have taken the step to see a marriage counsellor. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be improving anything, until what they are really arguing about is revealed.


A LOVE STORY Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara (Animator)

Dir. Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara

Two creatures fall in love, weaving a colourful world together. But when darkness threatens to consume one of them, the other must fight to stay together, or risk being torn apart.


TERMINALLY HAPPY – Adina Istrate (Animator)

Dir. Adina Istrate

“Terminally Happy” embarks on a journey into the subconsciouss of Dr Louis W, a neuroscientist on the brink of the discovery of an unprecedented medical breakthrough – the ability to travel deep into the mind and reconnect the broken memories of our pasts. Through pharmaceutical experimentation, Dr. W has developed an opiate that can put an end to the rising suicide rates plaguing this desolate yet fast-approaching future.


JANUARY HYMN – Katherine Canty (Director & Editor) and Kate McCullough (Cinematographer)

Dir. Katherine Canty

A reflection on grief, January Hymn sees Clara return for the first anniversary of her father’s death. Taking the form of a fractured narrative, the film considers how Clara’s experience of grief shapes her poetic relationship to a home which has been forever altered by loss. Shot on location in the director’s home county of Laois, Ireland, January Hymn was made with the support of the Irish Film Board’s Signatures scheme and is an all-female led production.


IKTSUARPOKRachael Olga Lloyd (Animator) and Morgan Muse (Sound Designer)

Dir. Rachael Olga Lloyd

Iktsuarpok is an inuit word that describes the feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.


SET ADRIFTJessica Barrell (Production Designer)

Dir. Jennifer Sheridan

When Patch’s beloved owner goes missing, he is forced to work out what is real and what is just a memory.


DUST & RESIN – Antonia Lowe (Production Designer)

Dir. Stephen Parker

Out of money and options, twenty-something Simone pays a visit to an intimacy-starved pensioner to make some quick cash.

THE LAST MOMENTS – Avril Furness (Director)

Dir. Avril Furness

Made in collaboration with Framestore Pictures, VISYON 360, freelance designers from immersive theatre company Punchdrunk and Grand Central Sound Studios, The Last Moments is a virtual reality film experience that puts the viewer in the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas, a dignity in dying organisation in Switzerland. Shot at Bristol Museum’s 2015/16 exhibition: ‘death: the human experience’ in a replica of a room at Dignitas Switzerland, The Last Moments is an interactive docudrama film that allows the viewer to experience an assisted suicide and either end their life or carry on living. The choice the viewer makes directly impacts the outcome of the film and also allows for choices to be polled to help spark debate on this sensitive issue.*This film will be presented in VR in the Genesis Cinema foyer on Sat 3 December 17:00-20:00

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