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The Body Beautiful

Wednesday 21st November


The expectations of the female body are examined in depth in this selection of shorts, ranging from the comedic to the experimental. Exploring women’s relationship to their bodies and societal expectations placed on them, these films range from gross-out comedies to moving visual feasts, but they all take on the challenges and contradictions placed upon women’s bodies and turn them on their head.


A poetic account of a woman who is grappling with the decision of whether or not she should embrace her body hair in public – a prickly subject…But today, it’s the last thing he wants to do.

Nominated for:
Cinematography Award – Helen Plumb

Haud Close Tae Me


A short dance film examining the connection between our younger and older selves. A duet between a professional ballerina and a 65-year-old dancer. The film is inspired by a specially commissioned poem by Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay, who narrates the poem in Scots-English.

Nominated for:
XX Award

Flow 1


When two women rebels are involved in a skirmish, they have more to argue about than the enemy…

Nominated for:
Screenwriting Award – Shelagh Rowan-Legg


A comical portrait on the ‘disgusting’ (but very normal) parts of being a young woman, contradicting and satirising expectations of female purity and softness.

Nominated for:

XX Award 

The Hungry Games 3


‘The Hungry Games’ is a satirical social observational comedy.
It is a female led project and focuses around the ridiculous (and often competitive!) body conforming pressures put on young women today.
We watch this through the eyes of Michelle and Anna, two regular women, as they spiral out of control ‘in the name of health’.

Nominated for:
Screenwriting Award – Jessica Ellerby

Glitch 2


When a normal meal takes a turn for the surreal, Lea enters a world completely different to her own where floating buildingsand odd creatures are commonplace. Will she return to her world or has a part of her been lost forever? Glitch is a 2D animated short that draws upon themes such as coming of age and how appearances can conceal turbulent emotions within ourselves.

Nominated for:
Sound Design Award – Leana Mae Felipe

Hairy 2


A tongue in cheek celebration of the wonderfully hairy human body.

Nominated for:
XX Award

In Our Skin 4


In Our Skin is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch.

Nominated for:
Animator Award – Rosa Beiroa

These Are My Hands_5


These Are My Hands is a short documentary film-poem written and performed by the radical British playwright Jo Clifford. It is a deeply moving, personal account of transgender embodiment in a lifetime, speaking of wounds, challenges, victories and the journey towards self empowerment. The poet’s voice is embraced by a lyrical, mesmerising soundtrack and together with the graceful and intimate visuals compose a profoundly tender piece.

Nominated for:
Editing Award – Ania Urbanowska
Composing Award – Verity Susman

Curl 1


A girl witnesses an incident at a Hair salon, should she speak or hold her peace?

Nominated for:
U25 Cinematography Award – Chih Chieh Wu

Absent Wound 6


The rituals of Persian warrior training, is seen in combination with the recitations of a young girl coming to terms with her impending womanhood.

Nominated for: Sound Design Award – Maryam Tafakory

In Bloom 1


A blossom flourishes, withers and is then reborn. A personal insight into the recovery of a young girl who sustained life-altering injuries in the Manchester Arena Attack in May 2017. The filmmakers explore the ways in which the incident has affected Hannah’s life and her positivity towards her physical and emotional recovery.

Nominated for:
U25 Directing Award – Jess Mone

Pas De Deux 7


Pas De Deux’ follows the journey of Lucy, a young woman and former aspiring dancer, coming to terms with her new disability. We enter Lucy’s mind as she looks back on memories of her younger self, which have now been tainted by the haunting memories of the accident. Using a medley of dance styles, ‘Pas De Deux’ depicts Lucy’s journey of acceptance and portrays the certain hope of new beginnings.

Nominated for:
XX Award – Emilie Cheung

Girl 3


A young migrant gets her period whilst on the move.

Nominated for:
U25 Producing Award – Lowri Roberts

The Dance Teacher 2


Struggling contemporary dancer Ayesha finds an unlikely source of encouragement in Michael, an embittered resident in the care home where she teaches.

Nominated for:
Acting Award – Amarnah Amuludun


Wednesday 21 November | 6:30pm

Running time | 85 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A

Venue | Barbican Cinema, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

Tickets | £12

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