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Men By Women

Monday 16 September


Brothers, fathers, sons, friends, lovers, husbands… These short films reverse the narrative, by putting men in front of the lens and women behind the camera. In this signature programme, female filmmakers turn their camera on men. Fathers, brothers, husbands, lovers all take center stage. Masculinity is portrayed in a myriad of complexities, unspoken nuances and vulnerabilities in this programme of challenging, but always rewarding, short films. 


Oats and Barley DIR Charlotte Regan NOM Directing (Charlotte Regan) 

Crashing Waves DIR Emma Gilbertson NOM Directing (Emma Gilbertson) 

Jerk DIR Raine Allen Miller NOM Editing (Elise Butt) 

Stitch DIR Siobhán Smith NOM Animation (Siobhán Smith) 

Murmurs DIR Nichola Wong NOM Directin (Nichola Wong) 

Gone DIR  Emma Sullivan NOM Editing (Agnieszka Liggett) 

Price of Life DIR B Welby Delimere NOM Directing (B Welby Delimere) 

The Fight DIR Georgi Banks-Davies NOM Directing (Georgi Banks-Davies)


Monday 16 September | 6:30pm

Running time | 84min

Venue | Barbican

Tickets | £12.00

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