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Love Hurts

Friday 20 September


Short films are a fertile ground for filmmakers to explore their voice and develop their craft, both visually and narratively. In the late 1980s and 1990s, with supportive funding from public institutions, there was a significant investment in the creative development of a new generation of filmmaking voices. Rarely seen, these short films are the early work of a generation of British female filmmakers, some of which have gone on to become household names, some of which have since stopped making films. But most importantly, they are a snapshot of a time of experimentation and trust in new British talent. 


Programmed by Lainey Richardson


Big Toast DIR Sacha Beeley NOM Animation (Sacha Beeley)

Crash Cam DIR Tia Salisbury NOM Screenwriting, Acting (Tia Salisbury Screenwriting & Bethan Nash Acting) 

I Should Have Loved a Thunderbird Instead DIR Debora Maité Bottino NOM Producing, Composing (Debora Maité Bottino)

Listen to me sing DIR Isabel Garrett NOM Animation, Composing (Stephanie Taylor Composing & Isabel Garrett Animation)

The Original DIR Michelle Garza Cervera NOM Cinematography (Taylor Nelson)

Grandad was a romantic DIR Maryam Mohajer NOM Animation (Maryam Mohajer)

Mausoleum DIR Jamie Luke Milligan NOM Sound Design (Anna Bertmark)

Cashpoint DIR Monique Needham NOM Editing (Emma McCleave)

A Family Affair DIR Florence Keith-Roach NOM Screenwriting, Acting (Florence Keith-Roach)

Queerer Than Thou DIR Kate Jessop  NOM Animation (Kate Jessop)


Friday 20 September | 6:45pm

Running time | 80min 

Venue | The Castle Cinema

Tickets | £10

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