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Celluloid Sculptors: Best Director Award

Celluloid Sculptors: Best Director Award

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Sunday 22 November, 3:30pm. Running time 62 minutes, followed by a filmmaker Q&A
Hackney Attic, Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE
Tickets: £7.50 / £5 concessions, All Day Ticket: £30 / £20 concessions, Weekend Pass: £45 / £35 concessions



CELLULOID SCULPTORS: Best Director Award sponsored by Directors UK

Romance and humour give way to darker and more difficult territory, in an unforgettably powerful programme. Warning: one film in this programme contains explicit language describing acts of prostitution.

Award sponsored by Directors UK, the professional association for TV and film directors. The winner will receive a mentoring lunch with an experienced Directors UK member.


A newly married couple return home from their honeymoon and open all of their wedding presents, but find there is one gift they are unable to share.

Director/Writer: Chloë Wicks
Producers: Helen Simmons, Chloë Wicks, Hannah Price
Cinematographer: Sam Goldwater
Composer: Chris White
Editor: Chloë Wicks
Sound Designer: Joel Neale
Rose: Helen Bradbury
Jamie: Kieran Bew


Everything changes one night for Meredith, a young backpacker desperate to find meaning in her life, when she meets a mysterious stranger in a dingy British service station… claiming to know her.

Lead Actors: Cari Leslie, Ben Willbond
Director: Kate Herron
Writers: Kate Herron & Monica Heisey
Producer: Genia Krassnig
Cinematographer: Karl Clarke
Editor: Riccardo Sevini


Shortly before her due date, Laura visits the married couple she is giving birth for.

Director/Writer: Eva Riley
Producer: Rienkje Attoh
Director of Photography: Diana Olifirova
Editor: Paco Sweetman
Sound Designer: Florentin Tudor
Laura: Scarlett Brookes
Richard: Daniel Pirrie
Sarah: Katie Pattinson


Història d’un Objecte is the story of an object, a story about subjectivity and introspection of people. The short film portrays the conflict between two friends after the disappearance of an object and their pursuit in order to find it.

Director, Writer and Co-Producer: Carlota Castells Puig
Co-Producer: Gabriel Costa
Cinematographer: Sergiu Timar
Editor: Jennifer Wager
Sound Designer: Jaime Sotelo


This is a documentary about paying for sex. Three men share three radically different experiences while three women lip sync to their words. A frank exploration of gender inequality that uses subverted perspectives to ask: What can their stories tell us about our society, others, and ourselves?

Director: Alice Russell
Producer: Gemma Atkinson
Producer: Fred Grace
Director of Photography: Rachel Clark
Editor: Greg Pittard
Please note: The Herd has now been withdrawn from the competition.

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