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Women are under-represented in the film industry generally, and in film journalism as much as anywhere, and in the business of film reporting in particular. We don’t know many Hildy Johnsons in the film business. That’s why UnderWire is partnering with Sight & Sound: The International Film Magazine, to begin a search for budding female film reporters.

Do you fancy your investigative skills? Are you a dab hand with a dictaphone and notepad? Can you find – and tell – a story about the facts behind our film culture – what comes to our screens, and what doesn’t?

We’re inviting entrants to send us a piece of factual film reporting of up to 1,000 words – be it an interview with a film craftsperson, a report from a film shoot, festival or special screening, a conversation with a distributor, exhibitor or programmer about what colours your local screening options, or indeed an investigation into some aspect of the film world that puzzles you. Your choice of story – its originality and relevance – will be part of what we judge, but so too will be your enterprise in following it through, and of course your ability to set it down in clear, concise and engaging prose. Sight & Sound and UnderWire will publish the winning entry (and any others we deem strong enough) on our respective websites, and in collaboration, will provide the winner with further reporting assignments in 2013.

The deadline for entries is 5th April.

Entries, along with questions and solicitations of advice, should be emailed to








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